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Adesh Institute of Dental Sciences and Research has a strong track record of undergraduate & Post graduate teaching and an ever growing reputation for honest and dedicated teaching practices. The fundamental belief is that we are here to provide the resources needed for our students to succeed often summed up by the statement “It’s your future; we’ll help you get there.”

Keeping this in mind, the mission of everyone concerned to the institution is to provide positive catalytic impulse to every student. It is our endeavour to establish a quality conscious institution where excellence is driven by values.

The innovative community of faculty and staff are dedicated and supportive because they see students as an investment in the future. Our dental graduates & Post graduates are across the country& around the world creating a niche for themselves. We believe that every student can succeed, and we offer multiple pathways towards that success. Our College and career pathways along with our ongoing student support ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their goals. We offer a rich variety of co-curricular and extra- curricular activities to help students create amazing memories and build upon real world skills to help them discover their passions.

So take some time to explore what our institute has to offer and do not hesitate to contact my office if you require further information.

As a member of the University community, you will have many opportunities to develop your skills, abilities, and talents and engage in learning through our academic and co-curricular programs. Please make every effort to get involved and connect with your fellow students, the faculty, and staff. The more you invest in the university and its opportunities, the more successful and rewarding your learning experience will be.




Experience 23 years 6 Months Teaching/Clinical experience
  • American Association of orthodontics (AAO)
  • Indian Orthodontic Society (IOS)
  • World Federation of Orthodontics (WFO)
  • Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry (IPHD)
  • Indian Society of Dental Research(ISDR)
  • Indian Cleft Lip and Palate Society (ISCLP)
  • IQAC Member of Central University of Punjab
Fellow World Federation of orthodontics
  • World Federation of Orthodontics (WFO)
  • International College of Dentists (India, Nepal & SriLanka)
Convener Punjab Orthodontics Study Group
  • 55 th Indian Orthodontic Conference, Amritsar 2021
  • Orthodontic Innovation Conclave, 2021
Paper presentation
  • Indian Orthodontic Congress, Khajurao 2012
  • MYC, Istanbul Turkey2014
  • MYC, University of Valencia, Spain 2015
  • MYC, IOS, Brussels & Amsterdam, 2018
  • MYC, IOS, Russia,2019
  • World Dental Conference, 2021
  • IOS Mid Year convention, Greece, 2022
Invited speaker
  • 51st IOS Conference, Goa
  • 21st IOS PG Convention, Varanasi
  • 52nd Orthodontic Conference , Jaipur
  • 55 th Indian Orthodontic Conference, Amritsar
  • 56 th Indian Orthodontic Conference, Pune
  • Orthodontic Innovation 2022 , Meerut
  • Felicitation for meritorious services in field of Dentistry by Bapuji Dental College, Davangere
  • RK Bali Award by International College (Dentist Section)