Dean Academics's Message

Dean Message

We are aiming at those well-rounded personas, a separate class of individuals, who will gradually turn into a superior batch of professionals, churning oceans of revolution. Existing in a world where only the survival of the fittest is possible, we at AIDSR , are re-defining a ‘fit’ individual and teaching them, not barely how to survive, but to ‘live’ and enjoy a wholesome life. These fellows, who’ll lay claim to social, moral, intellectual and emotional ‘fitness’ may be a ‘five-point someone’ but he/she must possess that unique ‘something’ which will help him/her transcend the mean and staple standards; leave behind the ordinary and achieve the extraordinary. . They will be well-equipped and armed to take on the big, bad world, which, with their positivity and resourceful endeavors, Overcoming the existential crisis shadowing the innate talents of many a talented student today, these brilliant stars will shine in all fields. These are our dreams:-

We have made ‘Dreams transfer into thoughts’ and are striving to make the ‘thoughts result in action’.Towards the commitment and realization of our dreams, we have made our institution a breeding ground of innovation. Students carry seeds of creativity in them and our faculty will provides them a climate conducive to the flowering of their creativity impulse.