Public Health Dentistry

Public health dentistry is one of the nine specialties of Dentistry. It is a modern concept of human development in science, although it has its roots in antiquity. Dental public health is involved in the assessment of dental health needs and improving the dental health of populations rather than individuals and is concerned primarily with prevention of oral disease

The well ventilated and spacious department of public health dentistry is situated on 3rd floor of the Adesh Institute of dental sciences and research. The department is equipped with dental chairs, which is spread around 4405 sq.ft, with state of the art instruments, equipments and materials required for comprehensive dental care of the patients, giving special emphasis on preventive treatments.

The museum consists of charts, posters, pamphlets, video clips and models. It provides the public with access to information about oral health. Tobacco cessation clinic consists of faculty for counselling on smoking cessation.


  • The vision of the Public Health Dentistry department is to protect, promote and advance the health and safety of the public.


  • Orientation to the students about the profession of dentistry, its development, philosophies and activities related to the community oral health promotion.
  • Advance through quality research and education in oral disease prevention and health promotion.
  • Community service with a focus on children and disadvantaged population through community outreach programme.


  • To elaborate the socio-economic-cultural diagnosis of the community & to participate in epidemiological surveillance system.
  • Management of the prevention, promotion and treatment of all oral conditions at the individual and community level.
  • To conduct research and contribute to the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge.
  • To adopt ethical principles in all aspects of community oral health activities, to take up initiative in advocacy issues for health policy and using media effectively.
1 Dr. Jatinder Singh Prof & Head 14 years 2 Months
2 Dr. Ridhi Narang Reader 5 years 6months
3 Dr. Rajnish Jindal Senior Lecturer 2 years 9 months