Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry pertaining to the replacement of missing teeth and surrounding structures by artificial substitutes called dentures. It may involve the replacement of all or few missing teeth. These dentures may be either removable by the patient or fixed.

The subject also deals with placement of implants into the bone to provide support for the artificial teeth and of missing or deficient surrounding parts like palate, cheeks, nose, eyes, ears etc by artificial substitutes.

To provide an effective educational and assessment strategies for students by intergrated teaching and learning programmes so as to prepare them for a career in teaching, research and ethical practice to ensure a good oral health care for community at large.

To expand the scope of academic programmes to make students globally competent and remain committed to provide prosthetic treatment to meet the needs of mankind.

1 Dr. Inderpreet Kaur Prof & Head 11 years 4 Months
2 Dr. Anu Girdhar Professor 16 years 7 Months
3 Dr. Shuchi Gupta Reader 9 years 8 Months
4 Dr. Indrani Jatana Reader 7 years 7 months
5 Dr. Gagandeep Singh Reader 5years 7 Months
6 Dr. Sangeeta Goyal Reader 4 years 8 Months
7 Dr. Yatish Bansal Reader 5 years 6 months
8 Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Senior Lecturer 2 year 6 Months
9 Dr. Ashu Senior Lecturer 1 year