Oral Radiology & Medicine

The field of oral medicine specializes with diagnosis and medical management of patients with diseases of the oral and paraoral structures. Specialists trained in oral medicine also provide dental and oral health care for patients with medical diseases that affect dental treatment, including patients receiving treatment for cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and infectious diseases.

The field of Oral Radiology involves the imaging of teeth, jaws, and the head and neck region. The images are interpreted with an aim to diagnose diseases affecting the teeth, oral cavity, jaws and the maxillofacial structures.

All dentists receive pre-doctoral training in these fields, but the complex patient requires a clinician with specialized training in this field dealt.

1 Dr. Sudhir Rishi Reader 8 years 5Months
2 Dr. Mridul Mahajan Reader 6 years 7 Months
3 Dr. Harveen Kaur Sekhon Reader 6 years 7 Months
4 Dr. Amandeep Kaur Senior Lecturer 5 months