Oral Pathology

Medical microbiology is the study of micro organisms which cause human infections like the Bacteria, Fungi , Parasites & Viruses . The subject is one of the most widely studied & followed branches of microbiology due to the importance to the field of medicine & dentistry. It involves study of disease pathology, immunology , diagnosis, treatment & prevention of the infectious diseases.

Pathology is the study of diseases . General Pathology deals with causes , disease process & effect of common diseases. Dental students ought to know the basis of all diseases in order to understand the clinical presentation , signs & symptoms , diagnosis & outcome of all diseases. It deals with various abnormalities , genetic , developmental , infective , immunological , metabolic & neoplastic disorders. A good understanding of General Pathology is absolutely necessary for a sound clinical practice.

1 Dr. Imtiyaz Nadaf Prof & Head 11 years 4 Months
2 Dr. Pardeep Kumar Reader 6 years 8 Months
3 Dr. Parveen Grewal Senior Lecturer 2 year 5 Months
4 Dr. Shivani Garg Senior Lecturer 2years